Revision Total Hip Replacement Surgery- Patient Testimonial

Total Hip Replacement Surgery- Patient Testimonial

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Video-Before operation

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Video - After operation

Paitent Photos

Before Operation

Bend knee before operation

After Operation

successful knee replacement surgery

Before Operation

Damaged Knee

After Operation

recovered knee after operation

Written Testimonials

Fauzi Al Khalli

Really I can not express the feeling of gratitude and thanks to Dr. Murtaza Adeeb for what he has given to my mother and brother care during our visit for treatment to Pune in December 2013 and wishes to him good health and happiness and to move forward in his career.

Tasneem Santrampurwala

A few months back my 75 year old mother in law fell n broke her hip bone. She was admitted in Inamdar Hospital under the treatment of Dr. Murtaza Adeeb. On the day of surgery she had a mild heart attack and was admitted in the ICU.

Rati Gotla

I was suggested Dr. Murtaza Adeeb, by my physician. I was beyond impressed with my experience with him. Helpful and kind he was and how fast he was at getting back to me.

Rekha Achtani

When I met with an accident, immediately I was taken to Command Hospital, Pune. I had lost a major portion of my skin on my left leg till my knee length. I was given 1st aid at Command Hospital and was later moved to Jehangir Hospital for further treatment.


Dr. Murtaza Adeeb is well known to me and has treated members of my family. His patience, keenness in understanding the patients status, diagnosis and treatment for my aged mother in law have helped her a lot, taking in account that she has acute arthritis and is feeble.
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