Complex Pelvi-acetabular Trauma


Pelvic bone is a very complex structure.

This bone is felt inside your waist region. It protects vital internal structures and has extensive blood supply.

Acetabulum is a cup or a socket like structure forming a part of your hip joint. This participates in the ball and socket mechanism of the joint. Acetabulum is a part of your pelvic bone. Acetabulum carries your body weight across your lower limbs and hence it is important to fix any fractures of this bone accurately to prevent joint pain and arthritis in the future.

Pelvic-acetabular fractures are one of the most severe orthopaedic injuries. Pelvic fractures are prone for severe internal bleeding and can cause shock and death. Acetabular fractures can lead to long term morbidity like hip pain, arthritis and difficulty in mobilization. Fixing both of these fractures is a very difficult task mainly because of their complex structure and proximity to vital structures, blood vessels and important nerves going to legs.